Epson ET-2711/ET-2710 Series Printer Wireless Setup Made Easy

If you want to just get to the good stuff, scroll down to the “Setup” section.

My wife and I finally got a new printer to replace the old one that has pretty much given up the ghost and refuses to print anymore (often considered an important feature for devices like this).

We settled on an Epson ET-2711 in large part because of the ink tank that should (hopefully) do away with the constant stream of expensive cartridges in favour of some cheaper-per-page ink bottles. I was excited to get it out and start setting it up (in part because we’re in another lockdown and what else is there to do right now)!

Imagine my frustration, dear reader, when I found out that the whole wireless setup process for this printer is terrible if you follow the official instructions. I genuinely spent a couple of hours bouncing between the Android app (which gave me a very helpful message telling me “Communication error”, to check the printer is on and not much else), the included software for Windows (which was just as helpful), the printed documentation in the box and the website, all to no avail.

You cannot convince me that this is a helpful error message

The good news is that I finally figured out how to get it working. The even better news for you at home is that I’ve gone through the process three times so that I could document all of the steps to get this working properly!


First things first

Although I had issues with the official documentation, you might find that the app works perfectly first time, or the included software gets you up and running. If so great, you’re sorted already! This guide is more for those who ran straight into unhelpful errors and found no real way forward with the official documentation.

As well as that, if you’ve got a “printer cable” (USB A to USB B) I assume the setup is even easier! I don’t have that cable however, so I had to do it all wirelessly.

Anyway, onwards!


Here’s a quick key for the printer buttons/lights and how I’ll be referring to them:

A photo of the front of an Epson ET-2711 printer. There are four labels pointing to various buttons and lights as follows: "Router Light" is pointing to the upper LED with a router icon beside it, "Smartphone Light" is pointing to the lower LED with a smartphone icon beside it, "Wi-Fi Button" is pointing to a button that says "Wi-Fi" and "Network Button" is pointing to a button that shows a network icon and a page with an "i" on it


  1. Follow the steps on the documentation for getting the printer out of the box, filling it with ink and “charging the ink” (I’m no specialist in printer hardware, Epson probably know what they’re doing with these bits).
  2. Put the printer into “Wi-Fi Direct” mode by holding down the Wi-Fi button until the lights stop flashing between the router and smartphone lights and has the smartphone light constantly lit (this bit seemed strangely inconsistent, so just keep trying things until you can get just the smartphone light lit).
  3. Hold down the network button (just to the right of the Wi-Fi button) until it prints out a Network Status Sheet (it will take quite a while).
  4. Look for the section with a header of “<Wi-Fi Direct>”, then look for the SSID below that. It should be something similar to “DIRECT-9E-EPSON-ABAA05” (which is what I have listed), although with a different ending.
A scan of the Network Status Sheet from an Epson ET-2711. There are a number of details listed, such as SSID (set to "DIRECT-9E-EPSON-ABAA05"), Password (redacted), Security Level and Operation Mode
  1. Connect to this wireless network using whatever device you have available (for me, that was a Windows PC). Importantly, if it asks for a PIN opt to enter a password instead otherwise it will register it as incorrect (on Windows click “Connect using a security key instead”). Use the password listed on the Network Status Sheet and you should connect to the printer network, although with no internet access at this point. Hopefully you don’t try to reload these instructions!
A screenshot of connecting to a wireless network in Windows. The dialog says "Enter the PIN from the router label (usually 8 digits long)" with a text box. Below the text box it says "Connect using a security key instead"
A screenshot of connecting to a wireless network in Windows. The dialog says "Enter the network security key" with a text box below it. There are 8 characters typed into the box, obfuscated as filled circles
  1. Look on the Network Status Sheet for the “TCP/IP IPv4” section and find the “IP Address(Wi-Fi Direct)” value. Type this IP address into a browser address bar and you should get the printer portal.
A screenshot of the Epson ET-2710 printer portal. There is a dropdown in the upper right that says "Basic Settings" and the main part of the page has a number of options that can be clicked, such as "DNS/Proxy Setup", "Firmware Update", "Root Certificate Update" and "Product Status"
  1. In the top right, open the dropdown and select “Advanced settings”, which will load an entirely different page with far more settings.
A screenshot of the Epson ET-2710 printer portal. There is a dropdown in the top right that is selected, with the current option being "Basic Settings" and the highlighted option being "Advanced Settings"
  1. On the left, expand “Network Settings” and click “Wi-Fi”.
A screenshot of the Epson ET-2710 printer portal navigation. The "Network Settings" section is expanded and there is a large red arrow pointing to the link titled "Wi-Fi"
  1. You’ll see a lot of details about how it is currently disconnected, but if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you’ll see a button that says “Setup”. Click it!
  2. The printer will search for available Wi-Fi networks.
    NOTE: If you get an error at this point check that your printer lights aren’t flashing on and off at the same time, which indicates a network error. If they are, simply press the Wi-Fi button once so that the smartphone light is solidly lit again and then press the “Refresh” button in the browser.
A screenshot of the Epson ET-2710 printer portal. The left panel shows the site navigation, while the main panel shows a sand-timer with the button "Refresh" below it
  1. Choose the wireless network you want the printer to connect to from the list (or enter the SSID manually if it’s hidden), then enter and confirm your password.
A screenshot of the Epson ET-2710 printer portal. The left panel shows the site navigation, while the main panel shows a list of wireless SSIDs (all but "Matt's Nokia 7.1" are redacted) with information on their Communication Mode, Signal Strength and Security Level. Text boxes labeled "Password" and "Confirm Password" are placed below
  1. Click “Next”.
  2. On the next screen, check the details of the router you’re about to connect the printer to and if you’re happy, click “OK”!
A screenshot of the Epson ET-2710 printer portal. The left panel shows the site navigation, while the main panel shows the selected Wi-Fi settings to be applied with the text "Confirm the following settings"
  1. Wait a few minutes for the printer to figure out what it’s doing.
  2. If you’re still connected to the printer using “Wi-Fi Direct”, you can check that it connected to the Wi-Fi by going back to “Network Settings” -> “Wi-Fi” and checking the “Connection Status” and “Signal Strength”. If not, you can hold down the “Network” button (again, it takes ages) and it’ll print out a new Network Status Sheet with details of the network it is connected to under “Wireless”.
A scan of the Network Status Sheet produced from an Epson ET-2711, specifically the "" section. This shows detailed information on the current wireless connection, with some of the information (such as "SSID", "Access Point (MAC Address)" and "WPS-PIN") redacted
  1. At this point, make sure the device you want to print from is also connected to the same wireless network you just connected the printer to.
  2. Go through the normal process for adding a network printer to your device (for example, on Windows it’s “Printers & scanners” then “Add a printer or scanner”).

Congratulations, if you’ve made it this far you should hopefully have a fully connected printer! If you ran into any issues that weren’t covered above, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll see if I can assist or update the instructions with more detail.

17 thoughts on “Epson ET-2711/ET-2710 Series Printer Wireless Setup Made Easy

  1. OMG!! It worked!! Thank you for your post!!
    I usually don’t make a comment on anything but this time I think I should.
    I was struggling with my printer for a few days.
    Thanks to you, finally it’s connected!!
    One thing that hasn’t solved yet is that It doesn’t appear on AirPrint. Do you have any idea about this matter?
    Thank you, again!!


  2. Hi both my ink and paper lights are flashing… any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


  3. Huge thanks for this article. I really don’t know why Epsom made the process so bafflingly complicated but, thanks to you, my printer is now connected.


  4. Hi Matthew – so pleased to know I wasn’t the only person who found the instructions totally useless! I have a follow-up question though…I’ve worked through your steps and all was fine until I tried adding the printer using the usual Windows route. I add the printer and it tells me to follow the instructions on the printer, at that point the Router Light and Smartphone light both flash as if the printer is waiting for me to press something – what do I press?!
    If I press nothing Windows tells me the printer got sick of waiting or some similar message.
    Any advice appreciated.



  5. Hi! Your instructions were really helpful and worked as described! However, at the end of setting up as I tried to print something, my computer said the printer needed ‘user intervention’. Nothing is flashing or seems to be wrong with the printer so I don’t suppose you know what’s wrong? I’m guessing you don’t but I thought it was worth a try as I’m really stuck! Thanks again!


  6. Thank you very much. This was extremely helpful and saved me a lot of time. It worked all exactly as indicated. I was anticipating a lot of frustration getting the thing running, until I found this.
    Again, thanks a lot!


  7. Hello, and thank you for all the work. However, I don’t understand what I have to do in part 6 :

    6. Look on the Network Status Sheet for the “TCP/IP IPv4” section and find the “IP Address(Wi-Fi Direct)” value. Type this IP address into a browser address bar and you should get the printer portal.

    How can I type a value into a browser address bar?
    Sorry but English is not my first language, and thanks in advance.



    1. The browser address bar is most likely at the top of your screen and will be where it says “” while on this post (or “” when you go to Google). If you open a new tab and type in what the it says for “IP Address (Wi-Fi Direct)” then press enter, it should load the printer portal!


      1. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. However, if I do what you said, nothing happens. I typed the IP adress (something like in the browser address bar (Firefox) and it just tells me it can’t open the tab. Thanks all the same, I think I’ll just buy another printer!


  8. Thanks sooo much. The instructions included are terrible. None of this information is in there and mine don’t even include all sections in English. You have saved me a lot of time! Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  9. What happens if you accidentally set the wrong password for WiFi and effectively lock the option to do WIFI direct?Is there a way to reset network settings?


    1. I’m sure there’s a way to reset the whole printer to default configuration (that I did while testing), but I couldn’t see it in the online documentation and can’t remember the specific process! I’ll update if I can find it.


  10. I don’t know how you figured this all out but THANK YOU. The Epson setup software and CD (what a joke) are clearly not fit for purpose. I hope someone at Epson sends you free ink for life.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I’d read reviews before purchasing that said it was difficult to connect and the Epson instructions were poor so I googled how to connect straight away and yours was the easiest instructions to follow. Thank you!


  12. Thanks for this information. I now have a network accessible printer. I had given up trying to make a WiFi connection using WPS as it failed every time and turned to USB, but then I couldn’t get OSX to successfully share the printer.


  13. Thank you so much! I wrestled with this printer the first time round and then was tearing my hair out after we moved house! This has been a life saver. Really appreciate you sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Hi
    Thanks for the help connecting my laptop and tablet to my et 2700 BUT any idea how to get it onto my iphone se? It has set up as the seperare direct-9e-epson-afb611 network. I can print by sharing with the printer if i join its network but nothing AirPrint. How do i get the blessed thing to join my bt network rather than setting up its own? BT say nothing to do with them but problem has been since a hub update. I replaced my printer as i thought it was a printer problem on a canon but same on a epson!?! My phone only works through wifi as i have no mobile reception here. Everything is on the same network (laptop, tablet, printer and iphone) only the apple bit has this problem. How can it be on the wifi network on both laptop and tablet but be a separate one on the iphone?
    Is it network, wifi or just the iphone being typically apple.
    You would not believe how often there are problems setting up things even with a fttp connection and a guaranteed 450mpbs! It is like whoever’s set up software struggles with the speed. I have been told by WRC live that the problems i have with that is because my speed is to fast for their servers.
    Can’t complain really. A lot less problems than the copper 0.02 mbps old speed and i do mean 0.02 not 0.2! More often a error message not a speed test result.
    Thanks again for helping sort half my problem and i hope you may have some idea of whats wrong with the evil apple bit.


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