Multi-Factor Authentication with Password and Private Key File in SSH.NET

If you want to use SSH.NET to connect to an SFTP server that requires both a password and a private key file, you’ll be happy to know that it is well supported! Unfortunately (and similar to my previous SSH.NET post about modifying the Host Key Algorithm) the documentation doesn’t really make it clear how to do this.

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Changing Host Key Algorithm in SSH.NET

I’ve used SSH.NET a lot over the years to send and receive files using SFTP and it’s a very flexible and practical library, but the documentation can be a bit thin on the ground when you’re looking to use some of the more esoteric features it has.

As an example, I recently ran into an issue where I was connecting to a remote server and the host fingerprint I was receiving through SSH.NET didn’t match the one that I expected to see (and could see in WinSCP). After verifying that I was using the same connection settings on both and more than a little spelunking through the SSH.NET source code I found that by default the host key algorithms used by the stable release of SSH.NET that I was on (2016.1.0) are RSA and DSA, while WinSCP uses Ed25519. For my purposes I needed to use Ed25519 in SSH.NET as well even though the SFTP host also supported these other algorithms.

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